Entrepreneur: Founded two successful electronics companies, MSI Data Corporation and Pro-Log Corporation, as well as two other "learning experiences," Digital Devices Inc. and Drag Mag (a toy company).

CEO (1972-1989) of Pro-Log Corporation: This company designed, manufactured and sold Industrial Computers and PROM Programmers worldwide.

Workshop leader and public speaker

Handbook of Channel Marketing and scores of papers in technical journals and magazines

Electrical engineer and inventor with 23 US Patents

MIT Graduate:
BSEE 1958 Course VI

Personal: Married for 53 years to Jo-Ellen. We have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

Ed's Workshop
A fitness center for interesting people
About Ed Lee
email: edwinlee@alum.mit.edu
Cell: 831-521-2520
3007140 Storage Apparatus
3044044 Magnetic Toggle
3123719 Timed Inhibit Circuit
3141158 Magnetic Core Matrix Decoder
3141159 Digital Magnetic Code Converter
3201605 Magnetic Core Flux Counter
3206735 Associative Memory and Circuits Thereof
3215857 Binary Full Adder and "Or" Circuit
3222669 Decoder
3266022 Computer Addressing System
3297950 Shift Register....for Rapid Shifting
3327273 Wire Wound Cryogenic Device

3328769 Information Sorting Device
3388382 Memory System
3398404 Multiple Match Resolution in Associative Storage Systems
3408635 Twister Associative Memory System
3339189 Associative Memory Employing Transfluxors
3353159 Associative Memory with Variable Word Length Capacity
3417265 Memory System
3418639 Associative Memory Employing Non-Destructive Readout of Binary Elements
3491342 Semiconductor Associative Memory System
3555515 Memory System Having Associative Cells for Marking Locations
3576433 Data Entry Verification System (Joint with M. Biewer)

US Patents