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Talks and Seminars
Informative, rousing, or humorous talks for conventions, meetings, dinners or classes
Confessions of a Recovering Entrepreneur
A humorous and insightful look at my compulsion to start companies and how I learned, often the hard way, to retain my family and a rich personal life.

Failure is not an option; its a necessity
How any path to success is paved with failures. Reasons not to hire people who haven't failed miserably. How failure breeds success and success breeds failure. How nature uses failure to produce sustainable systems. A short version of this talk was given at a Rotary luncheon and is documented as an essay in Potpourri.

Management by Personal Strange Attractors
A way to manage that is more human and far more effective than Management by Objectives. Introduces chaos theory into practical management situations. Examples from project management, business, government, and the military. (Personal Strange Attractors are Described in The Handbook of Channel Marketing)

The Scientific Significance of the Height of a Pile of Manure
This talk was first given at Harvey Mudd in 1972. It humorously explores key concepts of physics and of Western Philosophy. It suggest that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle may be a manifestation of the most fundamental principle underlying all that is. Involves audience participation.

Beggaring our Children
How we've saddled our progeny with overwhelming financial liabilities and self-destructive cultural myths, and what we as individuals can do about it. Version of this talk given at Rotary luncheon in 2005.
Examples of past talks
I'll gladly tailor a talk or a seminar to your situation, your audience, and your time limits. Feel free to call or email me to discuss possibilities, to schedule dates, or to get quotes. Ed Lee, 831-521-2520, edwinlee@alum.mit.edu
Need an intelligent, side-splitting professional comedian for a corporate event?
My younger son, Tim, after getting his PhD in Biology, became a standup comic who blends science and comedy. He has performed at scores of corporate events. Check him out.

Dismounting Our Tiger of Perpetual Growth
Modern economies require perpetual growth to produce full employment and to avoid collapse. This is not merely a convenient article of faith for politicians and neoclassic economists; it is a dangerous and unsustainable system artifact that undermines serious efforts at conservation of energy and natural resources, personal savings, balanced budgets or a sustainable human population. This talk describes factors which produce the artifact and public policies which would eliminate.
Introduction and Overview of a talk given at MIT and the University of Maryland in November 2005.
Scientist turned Comedian