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Failure is not an option; it's a necessity!
The biology of the human brain normally makes personal failure a precondition to personal growth. Likewise, a national disaster is usually a precondition for fundamental cultural and political change.

The Computer as God?
A tongue in cheeck hi-tech replay of the Protestant Reformation in which Steve Jobs is Martin Luther and IBM is the Roman Catholic Church. Pray, pay and obey a mainframe, through a hierarchy programmers and data processing gurus were IBM's themes until Steve advocated that every man should talk directly to his own computer!

Brains, Evolution, Computers and Companies (.ppt)
Correlative mappings of three decision making and learning systems. Its thesis is that evolved human brains function like large companies (which have also evolved) and relatively little like computers. The slides are from a talk I gave in May of 2002 at the Picower Center of Learning and Memory (MIT).