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Grover's Pledge of Mass Destruction
Grover Norquist intends to push the Federal government off a fiscal cliff. Through his Pledge to Taxpayers, he controls a voting majority of 238 House Republicans and a blocking minority of 39 Senators who have signed this written oath to lower taxes and starve government. This paper explains what he's doing, and what you can do to make a difference.
The outcome is still a cliff-hanger!

Why I won't vote for George Bush (Oct. 2004)
I was a Republican for more than 40 years and carelessly voted for George Bush in the 2000 Presidential election. I won't vote for him again. This detailed analysis covers his conduct of the war on terror, his fiscal recklessness, his campaign methods and his environmental record. It is anot a personal attack, but a considered analysis, supported by data, of his key decisions and courses of actions. Its first paragraph is prescient in forecasting a disaster within 5 years.