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A fitness center for interesting people
Life Cycles of Executive Teams
Is your goal to maintain a highly cohesive and highly effective management team? Your wasting your time! Find out why. Work with nature. Don't put senile teams on life-support.

A Framework for Managing
Corporate resources come in three categories: People, Methods, and Materials. How you prioritize them and their characteristics of Quality, Timeliness, and Cost determines how effectively you manage and how long your business succeeds.

Beggaring our Children
How we've saddled our progeny with overwhelming financial liabilities and self-destructive cultural myths, and what we as individuals can do about it.

Executive Compensation, Parasitic Loads, and Golden Parachutes
It takes years, even decades to learn the value of strategic decisions made top executives of large corporations, yet these executives are rewarded for last quarter's performance. Paid too soon, paid too much, and swaddled in golden parachutes, too many executives have become a significant part of the parasitic load carried by their corporations.

Do you Compete With or Compete Against?
Do you treat your competitors as valuable resources or as enemies?

Effective and Meaningful Jobs
Sustain profits, growth and enthusiasm by creating living jobs instead of dead pieces of jobs. A living job includes observing, judging and acting. A dead one breaks these up into staff, management and line functions.

Standards, Innovation, and Survival
The role of standards in business successes and failures. How it is that 1983 in the computer business was 1923 in the automobile business.

Get Improtant Things Done On-time!
Plan to do unimportant things. How overload stimulates people to volunteer and entices them to deliberately fail.