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Gems of Wisdom?
Pithy observations about life's issues such as uncertainty, playfulness, boredom, term limits, democracy, extremism, and nature.
Fundamentalists, frosted by defective selves, wrap their minds in moldy blankets of absolutes, retreat into warm memories of venerated pasts, and snuggle up to demagogues peddling lifeless legends of flawless futures.

Life is messy. Thank God!?.

Scientists use their myths to think outside their myths. Thus far, they are unique in doing so.
Life Cycles of Executive Teams
Is your goal to maintain a highly cohesive and highly effective management team? Your wasting your time! Find out why. Work with nature. Don't put senile teams on life-support.

A Framework for Managing
Corporate resources come in three categories: People, Methods, and Materials. How you prioritize them and their characteristics of Quality, Timeliness, and Cost determines how effectively you manage and how long your business succeeds.

Failure is not an option; it's a necessity!
The biology of the human brain normally makes personal failure a precondition to personal growth. Likewise, a national disaster is usually a precondition for fundamental cultural and political change.

The Computer as God?
A hi-tech replay of the Protestant Reformation in which Steve Jobs is Martin Luther and IBM is the Roman Catholic Church.

Grover's Pledge of Mass Destruction
Grover Norquist intends to push the Federal government off a fiscal cliff. Through his Pledge to Taxpayers, he controls a voting majority of 238 House Republicans and a blocking minority of 39 Senators who have signed this written oath to lower taxes and starve government. This paper explains what he's doing, and what you can do to make a difference.
The outcome is still a cliff-hanger!
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A fitness center for interesting people
Expand your perspective, strengthen your resolve, stimulate your sense of humor, and reduce unsightly hindsight.
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Handbook of Channel Marketing
How to sell through Reps, Distributors and VARs.